Who will become the champion in Series A?








What’s going on in Italy’s Serie A or the so-called “calcio” from the beginning of the season?
We see a serious fight in the past rounds of the championship for the first place. Although there are still many football matches up to the end of Series A for the 2017/2018 season and four teams clearly outline for the title:

– Juventus
– Napoli
– Roma
– Inter

Each of these teams has a very good shape and it is clear that during the summer break, these teams made good transfers and have bought classy and promising players.
Let’s look at one of the teams in the top 4 in the standings for a moment:

Juventus – The team is a long-time champion in the A series. This is not a surprise by the industry specialists. Juventus performs well not only in the case, but also in the European football tournaments. Last year, Juve played a final in the Champions League, and this again demonstrated a stable game, though with some surprises for the football predictions, like the loss of Sampdoria and Lazio at home. However, we can say that Juve is again a contender this year for winning the season championship 2017/2018

Napoli – The team is the leader in the time ranking, after playing 15 games. Inter performs very well, especially as a guest where there are 7 wins, one draw and no loss so far. Napoli has definitely good chances for the title, with the odds in sport.netbet.co.uk at 1.50 for winning the A series of Italy.

Roma – Roma sold one of his best players in the summer transfer window, but got Karsdorp, Cegiz Under and Bruno Peres. It seems to be Roma Club, renewing the team after Francesco Totti’s leave. However, he will be able to win the title, we cannot yet determine, and the odds offered in
bookmakers are about 5.00. The team beat Lazio and Fiorentina, but failed to deal with Inter and Napoli, where they lost valuable points in the standings. Currently, Roma is in the 4th position with 34 points and the leader Napoli is 38. Let’s see the matches. Roma has a lesser game than Napoli, so if it’s a victory next game, Roma might be just one point behind the leader.

Inter – This year, unlike the previous several seasons, Inter started the championship as well. After winning the first two rounds against challenging rivals like Roma and Fiorentina, Inter showed that this year’s title is a priority.
Even now with a match less than Napoli and in a win, Inter can return to the top spot. The home team is 6/1/0, which is a very good performance, given the difficult schedule at the beginning of the season. Inter has only 5 goals against at home and has scored 15 and has a goal difference of 25 goals for total games, with only Juventus has better goal performance with 27 goals. If Inter is able to fight for the title, it is still too early to say, but we hope to see interesting and nice match in the A series until the end of the season.