Slot games and bonuses

Many slot game enthusiasts wonder where and when bonuses are available. It is quite normal for every new client to get an incentive and be pleased with a certain kind of bonus.

Currently, most online casino sites offer bonuses for new clients, not just for them, but also for regular customers. Some casinos offer tempting welcome bonuses, as we see from Slot Advisor. The bonuses are already a lot, because the competition between the casinos is very hard. Every online casino tries to attract more customers and the basis of this is casino bonuses, prizes, free spins and other promotions.

Let’s look at some of the major casino slot machine bonuses: – Welcome Bonus. Perhaps the most popular and greatest bonus available for online casino games. Here, every company try to offer a maximum bonus and attract customers. Bonuses are generally 100% of the first deposit, but you may also face 50% and 25%. With a 100% bonus, your first deposit doubles. Let’s give an example of 100 euros. You deposit 100 euros and you are a new customer at the given casino. You must have 200 Euros for game in your bankroll. Most casinos have put a bonus limit up to a certain amount, as at 100 euros, it follows that you can not get more than 100 Euros bonus, no matter how large is your first deposit.

The Welcome Bonus, has scrolling conditions and you should read the Terms and Rules to know how many times you have to turn over bonus and on which games bonus are accepted. Read also about depositing methods. Sometime spart of deposit methods do not include a 100% bonus.

– Bonus without deposit – Perhaps the most wanted bonus, which does not require a deposit. You only sign up and start playing with cash from the casino. Many gamblers will be amazed, but there is such bonus at the expense of the sum and the conditions for scrolling. Keep in mind that it’s often about 5 euros and scrolling conditions are hard and difficult to turnover. It is designed to familiarize yourself with a game or a particular game, try a strategy or otherwise tips, but it is very difficult to withdraw, because there is a rule for a large number of scroll. However, whoever wants to try, its not your money and you play with online casino money.

– Free spins A very popular slot bonus in slot games, where free spins can be offered as a gift at a certain period of time. They also have towed conditions, so we recommend that you read them.

– Bonus Loyalty – This bonus is generally available to regular casino players and is a kind of prize for a regular customer to comply with the rules of the casino, and as a result can receive a prize, a tour, or bonus points. Good luck in the casino slot games.