Lacio – Cagliari

Today I will present you a match of the Italian series. This game will be play on Sunday December 23, 2018. Series A is one of the most renowned football leagues in the world. Last years we see, that the champion is mostly Juventus, but this year we notice a little difference in ranking, as the teams of Napoli and Inter joined the tournament for 1st place. Ues, Juve is again first, but there a alots of games and other top teams also show fans a good play. Napoli also has a chance to be a champion and Inter also has good chances.

Serie A Italy

Today will make some review and analyses of game:

Lacio –Cagliari

Lazio’s team is fifth in the standings and he has chances for the first four places, that qualify for Champions league next season. The team of LAcio is only two points behind Milan. At home Lazio perform well 4/2/2 and Let’s look at the Cagliari team. Cagliari are 13th in the standings as guests do play very well in the A series until now.

The team of Cagliari as guests has stats 1/3/4 allowed 13 goals and scored 6 goals. The goals stats between these two teams are definitely with many goals, as most of them are over 2.5 goals. Of course there are also under 2.5 goals, but here we are talking about general stats. Statistics show, that between these two teams the largest victory of Lazio 4:0 and biggest win of clara 4:1 in matches between them.

Our prediction for this football match over 2.5 goals