Adrenaline activities

We love adrenaline. And some people are addicted to it. It’s the only way to explain the dangerous thrill that keeps us coming back to rock-climbing, skydiving, and internet dating.

If we take a closer look at adrenaline activities, such as extreme sports, it’s pretty clear why some people feel compelled to pursue these types of activities. Extreme athletes are hooked on dopamine, which is our bodies’ natural high.

When people practice extreme sports, near-death experiences make their bodies release large amounts of adrenaline. Eventually, their brains get used to operating under such high dopamine levels, making them seek dangerous and life-threatening activities all the time. 

The same thing happens when we’re playing games based on luck or waiting for your soccer tips to deliver,  which explains why we love to bet.

If you want dopamine-enriched life, we prepared for you the list of adrenaline activities you might want to try.

  • Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular adrenaline activities. It involves leaping from a great height while your ankles are tied to an elastic rope. While the jumper free falls, the cord stretches and then rebounds several times until the rope loses its energy. 

It’s a general opinion that bungee jumping first began in the Pacific islands, as a part of the ritual practiced by young boys entering their manhood. Now, however, it’s one of the safest adrenaline activities enjoyed by many, regardless of their gender.

  • Extreme kayaking

An activity as old as time, rafting with kayak, catamaran, or canoe has evolved so much it has become one of the most adored adrenaline activities. It’s a wonderful and extreme activity that is guaranteed to increase your adrenaline levels while enabling you to connect with nature at the same time. If that sounds interesting, you should check if there’s a good extreme kayaking place available in your area.

  • Running of the bulls

When most people hear “running of the bulls,” their first instinct is to run for the hills! This activity is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, the people of Spain love it. In fact, they do it every July in Pamplona. And if you miss it, there’s still plenty of adrenaline activities that involve bulls out there. Many tours in Spain involve activities like bull riding, which can definitely increase your dopamine levels.

  • Cage diving with sharks

“Baby shark” is an amazing song adored by kids and adults alike, but we doubt you’d sing this while stuck in a cage, under the sea, surrounded by sharks. However, as dangerous as it might seem, cage diving with sharks is a genuinely safe activity, as they rarely attack people and the cage obviously protects you.

  • Zero gravity flight

Now it’s official – you don’t have to become an astronaut to feel the weightlessness of orbit. Instead, try zero-gravity flights that will make you feel like a superhero, or as if you’ve entered the third dimension. Zero gravity flying cannot be considered an extreme sport, however, it’s one fine adrenaline activity that will keep you talking about it for days.

  • Wingsuit base jumping

Barney Stinson sang “Nothing suits me like a suit” but we doubt he knows about wingsuit. If he did, he would switch laser tag to wingsuit base jumping in the blink of an eye.

Wingsuit base jumping is a more extreme and adrenaline-filled activity than zero gravity flights, but it might fit in the same category as bungee jumping. 

Basically, wingsuit base jumping is when someone jumps from a high point and free falls while releasing their built-in parachute in the middle of the flight.

  • Hanging out with crocodiles

Crocodiles are cute only on TV and in cartoons. But, some people from the Land Down Under take pleasure in hanging out with them – they even pay to do so. 

This is how The Cage of Death became a popular tourist attraction. Apparently, up to two people can fit into a perspex cylinder which is lowered into a pool with a large crocodile. It’s a great activity for anyone trying to pump up the adrenaline in their blood.