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Hi to all football fans and bettors, if you’re looking to get into online betting, you might find the market overwhelming with thousands of bookmakers vying for your attention. It’s important to know which ones are reliable and safe to use. Luckily, our bookmaker reviews have got you covered. We provide all the information you could need on each betting website, from security and licensing to the odds offered, sports coverage and more. Our expert reviewers sign up to each platform and scrutinize them on a range of criteria, including the value of bonuses, quality of betting odds, banking options, customer service, and reputation.

Finding the Best Bookmakers

When it comes to choosing the best bookmaker, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Our goal is to help you find the bookmaker that suits you best, taking into account your preferences and needs. A great bookmaker will offer a wide range of sports coverage, including the major leagues and tournaments, as well as in-play wagering on all the major games. They’ll also offer a wide-ranging portfolio of games you can play for real cash prizes from different providers, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Overall, our bookmaker reviews provide a comprehensive and unbiased guide to help you make an informed decision before signing up to any online betting platform.

The Key Factors

Sportsbook Depth & Quality

For many sports bettors, the most important factor when choosing a bookmaker is the range of sports they cover. A great bookmaker will cover all the major sports leagues, including college basketball, as well as a variety of other sports like tennis and soccer. It’s not enough to simply cover the Champions League and Premier League when it comes to soccer; the best bookmakers will offer lines on tournaments happening around the world. Depth of coverage is also important, and a great bookmaker will cover each sport in great detail. Live, in-play wagering is also becoming increasingly popular and top bookmakers will offer live wagering on all the major games, as well as smaller ones.


Top online bookmakers offer sports betting as well as casino experience through one platform. So, do you need a powerful casino and poker room alongside the sports betting? If so, then you can have one. Each punter has his or her own preference for casino games, as different games come from various providers. A decent bookmaker or online betting website features a lot of casino games to choose from and games from lots of providers.

Promo offers

You can find latest bonuses and promotions from online bookmakers. Compare and find bonus, that fit your needs.

Mobile App

On recent years more and more players decide to make bets via mobile. Does bookmaker has Mobile version and App? Mobile reviews for Android, iOS or Windows Mobile.

Worth reading

Find analyses of sports and casino events. Compare bookmakers, read usefull material about online sports and casino betting.


Over the last few years, the online betting market has seen significant growth, and many new bookmakers have entered the fray. With so many options to choose from, the competition is intense. One of the most significant draws for new players is the sign-up or welcome bonus offered by bookmakers. However, it’s important to read the fine print before accepting any bonus offer. A bookmaker may advertise a 50 percent bonus of up to $1,000 in free wagers, but the rollover requirement could be ten times.

This means that you’ll need to wager your bonus amount ten times and still make a profit before you can withdraw any funds. Our reviewers take all of these factors into account when analyzing the strength of each betting platform’s bonus. Once you’ve registered, a good bookmaker will work hard to keep your business, offering ongoing bonus deals, loyalty programs, and free bets to keep you happy.

Types of Bets

A great online bookmaker offers a range of wager types, with some delivering more value as compared to others.

  • Moneyline – Also known as win wager, moneyline wager is the most common wager in online sports betting. With this kind of bet, you’ll just be choosing who you think will win the match or game that you’re wagering on.
  • Spread betting – It is another popular wager, and it is a bit more complicated as compared to the standard moneyline wager. Also called handicap or points spread betting, this kind of wager emphasizes not on a team to win, however how much they win by.
  • Over/under bets – Also called totals bets, they are extremely common. Like point spreads, they can offer more value as compared to a standard moneyline bet. In such wagers, you wager on over/under a specified number. The online bookie will set a number, like total goals or total points. This wager requires you to wager on over/under this number.
  • Parlay bets – Also known as accumulators, it involves wagering on two or more selections as a component of the same wager. Each selection on the parlay wager needs to be right to win.
  • Outright betting – it involves placing a bet on the result of a competition or tournament. These kinds of wagers are also called futures.
  • Pro bets – Prop bets or also known as specials are offered by most online bookmakers. These kinds of wagers compromises wagering on markets not essentially to do with the final score but instead events that can take place during the game.

Besides these most common types, you may encounter others like Full cover bets, Teasers & Pleasers, and much more.

Register today and take advantage of our bookmaker reviews. Our reviews are designed to help you find the best online bookmakers that meet your specific preferences. By checking out our reviews, you can make an informed decision and choose a bookmaker that is reliable, trustworthy, and offers the features you’re looking for. So, don’t wait any longer, sign up today and start betting with confidence!