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The online betting market is tremendously competitive, and thousands of bookmakers are competing to attract more and more players. It can be tough to figure out which online bookmakers or betting websites are reliable, trustworthy, and safe and which websites to avoid. Fortunately, we have done the heavy lifting for you!! Our bookmaker reviews entail all the information you could possibly require on each betting website. From the security and licensing info to the choice of odds offered, sports, and much more by the online bookie, our bookmaker reviews will help you know all you need before you sign up with an online bookmaker.

Recommended bookmaker


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Finding the Best Bookmakers

Finding the best bookmaker can be very challenging. After all, there are lots of options to choose from. The goal of our bookmaker reviews is to help all punters out there choose the bookmaker that perfectly suits them. There is no single best online bookmaker, and the websites we put under review are generally very respectable bookmakers to start with.

How We Come Up with Reviews?

What are the safest betting sites out there? Which ones can one trust with his or her personal financial information? Which ones offer great bonuses? There are some of the aspects we obsess over, and indeed, we won’t suggest an online bookmaker to our readers until we are sure it’s rock solid. When reviewing online bookmakers, we go the extra mile.

Our expert reviewers sign up at each betting platform and then judge it on a wide range of criteria. They scrutinize the value of bonuses, the quality of betting odds that are offered, baking options, and customer service. Our reviews even examine each online betting platform’s reputation, the depth of its coverage, and much more.

The Key Factors

Sportsbook Depth & Quality

It is the most vital consideration for lots of sports bettors. A great bookmaker will cover all the chief sports leagues, college basketball, and many others, including tennis, soccer, and much more. Sports fans that love a wager will lobe a broad range of sports options to choose from regularly. A great bookmaker will even cover each sport in great depth. For instance, it’s not enough to cover the Champions League and the Premier League when it comes to sports like soccer. The best online bookmaker will offer lines on a variety of tournaments happening around the world.

Live, in-play wagering is becoming a popular and top bookmakers will offer live wagering on all the major games and lots of smaller games.


Top online bookmakers offer sports betting as well as casino experience through one platform. So, do you need a powerful casino and poker room alongside the sports betting? If so, then you can have one. Each punter has his or her own preference for casino games, as different games come from various providers. A decent bookmaker or online betting website features a lot of casino games to choose from and games from lots of providers.

Latest Bonuses and Offers

You can find latest bonuses and promotions from online bookmakers. Compare and find bonus, that fit your needs.

Mobile version and App

On recent years more and more players decide to make bets via mobile. Does bookmaker has Mobile version and App? Mobile reviews for Android, iOS or Windows Mobile.

Worth reading

Find analyses of sports and casino events. Compare bookmakers, read usefull material about online sports and casino betting.


The online betting market has evolved substantiality in the last few years, and lots of new bookmakers have been introduced to great fanfare. It is indeed a competitive sector. The most compelling bonus offer is a sign-up or welcome bonus.

You can’t just take a bookmaker bonus at face value. An online bookmaker might offer you up to $1,000 in free wagers as a 50 percent bonus when you register for a new account, however, the rollover requirement maybe ten times. (A rollover obligation is an amount you must wager before you request a withdrawal). It means that you need to wager your bonus money ten times and still have a profit at its end before thinking about making a withdrawal. Thus, the true bonus is 2.5 percent in contract to 50 percent. Some bookmakers offer all a simple 100 percent welcome bonus. In contrast, other bookmakers throw in all kinds of stipulations on the bonus they offer.

Our reviewers consider this all when analyzing the strength of each betting platform’s bonus. Once registering, a betting platform should work hard for retaining their business. Indeed, rival betting websites are constantly bidding to attract you. Thus, many bookmakers offer ongoing bonus deals, loyalty programs, and free bets to keep players happy.

Types of Bets

A great online bookmaker offers a range of wager types, with some delivering more value as compared to others.

  • Moneyline – Also known as win wager, moneyline wager is the most common wager in online sports betting. With this kind of bet, you’ll just be choosing who you think will win the match or game that you’re wagering on.
  • Spread betting – It is another popular wager, and it is a bit more complicated as compared to the standard moneyline wager. Also called handicap or points spread betting, this kind of wager emphasizes not on a team to win, however how much they win by.
  • Over/under bets – Also called totals bets, they are extremely common. Like point spreads, they can offer more value as compared to a standard moneyline bet. In such wagers, you wager on over/under a specified number. The online bookie will set a number, like total goals or total points. This wager requires you to wager on over/under this number.
  • Parlay bets – Also known as accumulators, it involves wagering on two or more selections as a component of the same wager. Each selection on the parlay wager needs to be right to win.
  • Outright betting – it involves placing a bet on the result of a competition or tournament. These kinds of wagers are also called futures.
  • Pro bets – Prop bets or also known as specials are offered by most online bookmakers. These kinds of wagers compromises wagering on markets not essentially to do with the final score but instead events that can take place during the game.

Besides these most common types, you may encounter others like Full cover bets, Teasers & Pleasers, and much more.

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